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SOTY Production and Trade Company

Internal control

Our company has a multistage system of internal quality control.

Post-warranty service

We offer high-level post-warranty service.


Our staff consists of more than 60 experienced and qualified specialists.

Our benefits
  1. Provision of optimal solutions that meet our customers’requirements.
  2. Customer complaint management.
  3. Effective logistics system.
  4. Wide range of spare parts supply (from fasteners to assembled products).
Stages of service provision
  1. A customer makes a request for a service.
  2. Clarifying technical details.
  3. Giving a quote (with due account for all customer-specified details)
  4. Executing an order (shipment)
  5. Monitoring customer satisfaction.
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We will help you to find and implement customized solutions for aircraft equipment maintenance. We stick to budgets while maintaining quality and reliability.

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