LLC "Soty" received a certificate of compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2015

January 4, 2018

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We are glad to inform you that in 2017 LLC "Soty" received a certificate of compliance with the standard ISO 9001: 2015. In other words, now we are officially an enterprise with a progressive and modern quality management system.

The international standard ISO 9001 is recognized in 140 countries of the world. In fact, it is a set of clear requirements for the quality management system of the enterprise, developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

"Of course, we have something to strive for. Nevertheless, the receipt of this certificate is an important stage in the development of any ambitious company, as well as official confirmation that we are on the right track. What does the presence of this document indicate with the enterprise? Receiving it does not mean short-term reduction of all internal processes and workflow into an ideal harmonious system, but it means that our enterprise is already at a worthy level of ensuring the quality of the final product. The standard sets the bar to which we must constantly reach, the level of quality that achievement will put us on a par with the recognized leaders of not only the Ukrainian but also the European markets. Our goal is to produce a competitive high-quality product, and this is possible only with the implementation of the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 (which we’ve done) and the continuous improvement, honing all internal processes that contribute to the final result, " comments Nikolay Bogachuk, LLC “Soty” CEO.

The ISO 9001 standard opens up many prospects for the company and is an indispensable requirement for development. After all, a competently developed, properly implemented and certified Quality Management System involves a number of strategic and economic benefits:

  • competitive advantage in tenders participation
  • improvement the quality of products and services
  • growth of attractiveness for investors
  • optimization of workflow of the company and internal business processes
  • establishment of risk management processes
  • increase the trust of existing and attract new customers
  • reduction in the level of product rejection
  • possibility of entering the international market

Also, the availability of this certificate is a matter of reputation, namely:

  • guarantee for customers and business partners of the consistency of the quality of products and services offered by the company
  • attractiveness and reliability of the company at the stage of establishing cooperation
  • argument in favor of the image, maturity and solvency of business

Due to the compliance with the ISO 9001 standard, we also have all the chances to increase the manageability of the company, increase the overall profitability by reducing production costs (as a result of process optimization), and, as a bonus, to become a progressive company with an innovative approach to the Quality Management System.

The certificate is valid for three years (five years - in the national system UkrSEPRO). Certification body confirms compliance with ISO 9001, conducting an annual inspection during the validity period of the certificate. This fact is an excellent incentive not to relax and to strive for improvement of all internal processes aimed at the quality of the product / services.

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