“Soty” LLC has received a License for the use and maintenance of the RIO-3 (A)

January 9, 2018

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Among all types of aircraft repair, which have been mastered and successfully performed by the engineers of “Soty” Ltd., there is one very specific direction - repair of the icing system RIO-3 (A). Working with this device involves a number of risks, and therefore requires high professionalism and a number of special conditions.

Danger comes from the ionizing radiation that is invisible to the eye, the source of which is the sensor of the RIO-3 system. Namely, radiation affects a person who works with a sensor. And in order to secure the specialist, it is necessary to include a number of appropriate security measures at the facility. Approval for legal and safe operation with any type of ionizing radiation sensors is obtained from the state. Otherwise, a company that carries out such repairs without permission is subject to severe fines. And not only that. The main danger is the unpredictable consequences for the health of the personnel in the event of careless and unprofessional handling of the device.

So, “Soty” LLC has officially received a License for the use and maintenance of the RIO-3 (A) signaling sensor, thereby confirming its competence for this type of work. This certificate is issued by the State inspectorate for nuclear regulation of Ukraine after complicated and multistage inspections. In order to obtain a license, the company must meet the mandatory requirements: from training the staff to obtaining a sanitary passport and meeting the conditions of special refurbishment of the facility. After all the necessary transformations, it is necessary to pass a check for compliance with the requirements. And after everything has been done, only then the company gets a permission.

To understand the level of complexity of the process, one can check simple statistics: on the territory of Ukraine, such a license is owned by very few companies. So we can state the fact: in this field we have an avant-garde position in the domestic market.

"The values of our company were initially formed due to the fact that we did not choose easy bypass routes. Eventhough our way is complex, resource and time-consuming, but it's legitimate and the only right one. After all, our main value is caring for people who work for us. It is important that they understand what they are dealing with and know how to protect themselves during the performance of their duties. Obtaining a License for the use and maintenance of the RIO-3(A) signaling sensor, in addition to being a human-oriented step, is also a significant contribution to our reputation. Nobody will argue that having such permits in the arsenal, the company builds itself a position of a serious enterprise that is investing in its development and with which it is safe to deal in modern market. This is a significant plus to reliability, as this company is certified by the state, and therefore its activity is legal and will not cause any claims from the legislative bodies, "comments Nikolai Bogachuk, LLC “Soty” CEO.

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