Overhaul of aviation equipment and radio-electronic equipment

SOTY is a fully certified aircraft repair plant providing a complete repairs overhaul service for aviation, aero-navigation, radio, hydraulic, air equipment for Mi helicopters and aircraft. Our capability allows our customers to benefit from the highest standards controlled by our own highly skilled team.

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You want to keep units in service longer, protect critical components and lower operating costs

We provide high-quality maintenance and technical support for Mi series helicopters and Antonov airplanes.

Our unique in-house testing equipment automates most of the control and management stages. It reduces the time required for aircraft components testing and servicing.

We offer:
  • managed and controlled production time
  • quality control
  • trade restrictions handling
  • assistance in overcoming difficulties caused by non-uniformity of laws and regulations of different countries

Ensuring smooth and continuous aircraft operation is our top priority. We help you stay confident and offer you the flexibility that others cannot.

We have been providing maintenance and repair services for many years and have a successful track record in all the companies we have worked with.

Contact us today and you will receive maintenance and repair solutions for aircraft components!

Photo Title Nomenclature Inspection price
 Induction pressure transmitter ID-8 (ИД-8) Induction pressure transmitter ID-8 (ИД-8)
Inspection price: 1,350.00 UAH
ID (ИД) 1,350.00 UAH
Fuel pump E`CN95B (ЭЦН95Б) Fuel pump E`CN95B (ЭЦН95Б)
E`CN95B.000 (ЭЦН75Б.000)
Inspection price: 5,400.00 UAH
E`CN95B.000 (ЭЦН75Б.000) 5,400.00 UAH
Two-position valve with electromagnetic control GA74M/5 (ГА74М/5) Two-position valve with electromagnetic control GA74M/5 (ГА74М/5)
GA74-00 (ГА74-00)
Inspection price: 4,050.00 UAH
GA74-00 (ГА74-00) 4,050.00 UAH
Reducing valve UP25/2 (УП25/2) Reducing valve UP25/2 (УП25/2)
UP25/2 (УП25/2)
Inspection price: 2,700.00 UAH
UP25/2 (УП25/2) 2,700.00 UAH
Antenna AShV-75 (140-7103-160) (АШВ-75 (140-7103-160)) Antenna AShV-75 (140-7103-160) (АШВ-75 (140-7103-160))
Inspection price: 2,030.00 UAH
140-103-160 2,030.00 UAH
Control unit BRN-208M7A (БРН-208М7А) Control unit BRN-208M7A (БРН-208М7А)
Inspection price: 5,400.00 UAH
015.218 5,400.00 UAH
 Induction pressure ID-150 (ИД-150) Induction pressure ID-150 (ИД-150)
Inspection price: 1,350.00 UAH
ШВ 1,350.00 UAH
Control panel RI-65-20 (РИ-65-20) Control panel RI-65-20 (РИ-65-20)
Inspection price: 2,030.00 UAH
3.624.027-01 2,030.00 UAH
Control panel 6S2.390.125 series 2 (6С2.390.125 серия 2) Control panel 6S2.390.125 series 2 (6С2.390.125 серия 2)
6S2.390.125 series 2 (6С2.390.125 серия 2)
Inspection price: 4,050.00 UAH
6S2.390.125 series 2 (6С2.390.125 серия 2) 4,050.00 UAH