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Development and manufacture of ground support equipment for aircraft

Each finished unit is inspected before shipment and is not sent to the customer without passing quality control. The company " Production and trade "Soty" has the latest equipment in laboratories and has the certificate IS0 9001: 2015. Mechanical and hydraulic equipment after manufacturing or repair passes a full complex of tests, calibration or verification, and also by quality control of the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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We will help you to find and implement customized solutions for aircraft equipment maintenance. We stick to budgets while maintaining quality and reliability.

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Other Information

  • Development and manufacture of ground equipment
  • Repair of ground equipment

  • Mi-8, Mi-8MT (Мi-17), Mi-8МТВ-1 (Мi-17-1V), Mi-171, Mi-172, Mi-8АМТ
  • Аn-24, Аn-32

List of Equipment

Set of carts 51.0-39745565-001:2017 (НВКВ.304136.005)

  • Type 8AT-9801-00 Main rotor blade transportation cart (НВКВ.304136.004)
  • Type 8AT-9803-00 Mat cart (НВКВ.304136.003)
  • Type 8АТ-9680-00 Cart (НВКВ.304163.001)
  • Type 8AT-9802-00 Trolley for engine transportation and preliminary assembling (НВКВ.304136.002)
  • Type 8AT-9906-00 Support for the main gearbox (НВКВ.301318.001)

Set of ladders 51.0-39745565-002:2017 (НВКВ.305161.007)

  • Type 8-9905-00 Entrance ladder (НВКВ.305161.001)
  • Type 8A-9917-00 On-board multi-functional ladder (НВКВ.305161.002)
  • Type A38-0100-0 Ladder (НВКВ.305161.005)
  • Type 8AT-9919-00 Rung (НВКВ.305161.006)

Set of hydraulic jacks 51.0-39745565-003:2017 (НВКВ.483218.008)

  • Type 8AT-9907-00 Hydraulic jack (НВКВ.483218.001)
  • Type MA1021-0000-0-7 Hydraulic jack (НВКВ.483218.007)
  • Type A1016-0000-3 Hydraulic jack (НВКВ.306100.003)

Set of hydraulic jacks 51.0-39745565-004:2017 (НВКВ.483233.003)

  • Type A43-0200-0 Hydraulic jack (НВКВ.483233.003)
  • Type MA43-0000 Hydraulic jack (НВКВ.483233.002)

Set of towing bars 51.0-39745565-005:2017 (НВКВ.304593.005)

  • Type 8AT-9800-00 Towing bar (НВКВ.304593.003)
  • Towing bar (НВКВ.304593.004)

Set of equipment for the main rotor blades maintenance 51.0-39745565-006:2017 (НВКВ.481121.002)

  • Type 8AT-9937-00 Device for main rotor blades tracking (НВКВ.305441.001)
  • Type ЭЛ-29-680 Cover installation tool for main rotor blades (НВКВ.301712.002)
  • Type 8AT-9900-00 Blade mooring (НВКВ.304597.001)
  • Type 56-9918-00 Blade trimmer bending tool (НВКВ.303674.001)
  • Type 8-0029-680 Cover installation tool for main rotor blades (НВКВ.301534.001)
  • Type 8AT-9903-00 Main rotor blade lifting sling (НВКВ.304273.001)
  • Type 24-9903-00 Main rotor blade lifting sling (НВКВ.304273.002)
  • Type УПК-300М Unified crane (НВКВ.481121.001)
  • Type 8AT-9912-00 Rods for fixing controls in neutral position (НВКВ.301621.001)

Set of equipment for fuel and hydraulic systems 51.0-39745565-007:2017(НВКВ.304592.003)

  • Type 140.9994.000 Oil system back pressure measuring tool (НВКВ.067726.001)
  • Type 8A-9901-00 Fuel drain hose (НВКВ.304592.002)
  • Type 8A-9918-00 Oil drain hose (НВКВ.304592.001)
  • Type 246-9977-00 Onboard portable hydraulic station (НВКВ.062848.001)
  • Type 24-9909-00 Device for preservation of engine’s fuel system (НВКВ.306568.001)

Set of equipment for wheels 51.0-39745565-008:2017 (НВКВ.301342.002)

  • Type 8A-9126-00 Stop block (НВКВ.301314.003)
  • Type СШ04-00 Tire removal tool (НВКВ.481449.001)
  • Type 8AT-9905-100 Jack for wheels installation-deinstallation(НВКВ.301342.001)
  • Type 8AT-9938-00 Tool for mounting the bearings of the main wheels (НВКВ.303838.001)

Set of slings 51.0-39745565-009:2017 (НВКВ.304273.017)

  • Type 8AT-9920-00 Sling for lifting a swashplate (НВКВ.304273.003)
  • Type 8AT-9921-00 Main rotor and hydraulic unit lifting sling (НВКВ.304273.004)
  • Type 8AT-9924-00 Tail boom lifting sling (НВКВ.304273.005)
  • Type 8AT-9936-00 Tail boom and tail boom pylon lifting sling (НВКВ.304273.006)
  • Type 8MT-9925-00 Tail gearbox lifting sling (НВКВ.304273.007)

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