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Development and manufacture of control and testing equipment

Each produced unit is inspected before shipment and is not sent to the customer without passing quality control. The company " Production and trade "Soty" has the latest equipment in laboratories and has the certificate IS0 9001: 2015. After the manufacturing or repair, the control and testing devices are tested, calibrated or verified, and the quality control by the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is carried out at the request of the customer.

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Other Information

  • Development and manufacture of control and testing equipment
  • Repair of control and testing equipment

  • Mі-8, Mі-8MT (Мі-17), Mі-8МТВ-1 (Мі-17-1В), Mі-171, Mі-172, Mі-8АМТ, Мі-24(35)
  • Аn-24, Аn-32

List of Equipment
  • Test and control console PZP-15M series 2 for SPUU-52 system.
  • Equipment for testing differential minimum relay (DMR) device.
  • Control and operational stand KES.
  • Device for testing НН-1, ВН, НН-2.
  • Development of test and control equipment.
  • Device for checking light-signal equipment.
  • Remote control and switching ПКК-1M for testing and configuration boards.
  • Stand for checking of software mechanisms (СППМ).
  • Control panel of engines electronic controls.
  • Stand for checking БЗУ-4А-2с (БЗУ-4А).
  • Control and testing device БЗУНП355Г.

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